If you are like most people living in Scottsdale, you’re already gearing up for the summer season, whether that means opening the pool, firing up the barbecue, or breaking out the suntan lotion. As you’re looking over your summer checklist, there is one point that should not be overlooked: your AC system. With temperatures getting into the triple digits here in Scottsdale, the last thing you want is to come home to a scorching hot house. To ensure your AC system is functioning efficiently all the summer long, you need an experienced and trusted HVAC company. Air Conditioning Security, Inc. is that company.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New AC System

At Air Conditioning Security, Inc., we know what an important investment you are making when purchasing a new AC system, and we are committed to making sure you get exactly what you need. There are many factors that influence what type of AC system will work best with your preferences, environment and budget. We are here to help you weigh your options, and are more than happy to have a conversation with you on the following topics to make your decision easier:

Noise Level: Some air conditioning models are noisier than others. If you’re a light sleeper or work from a home office, it is important that you go with a model that is silent in operation.
Warranties: Warranties vary from brand to brand, so you’ll want to check the manufacturer’s website when buying a new unit.
Smart Cooling: AC systems have become much more sophisticated over the years, allowing homeowners to control the temperature in their homes with the touch of a button on their smartphones. If this is a feature that appeals to you, we are more than happy to show you the many options that are available to you.
Home size: If you have an older home, or simply need to cool a smaller space, then window units are the way to go. When deciding on a window air conditioner, it is important to consider the size of the space that you would like cooled. If you live in a building that prevents you from installing window units, portable ACs are also effective at cooling small spaces. For those looking to cool a larger space, then you may need a more aggressive cooling system, like a split ductless system, or it may be worth installing a central air conditioning system.

Professional Air Conditioning Installation

Purchasing an air conditioning system may seem simple enough, but there are many points to consider, so it pays to team up with HVAC specialists who have your best interests at heart. Here at Air Conditioning Security, Inc., we believe that there is an AC system for everyone. Our goal is to help you find the one that suits your needs. Once we find what you’re looking for, you can expect top notch installation, delivered on schedule and within budget.

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